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A Little Mind Boggling...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Is it really the Christmas season already?

There are a few times in the year that I think of as 'the beginning of the year'. Which is odd since in one year there should only be one start. At the same time I think of these times as times to reflect and re-assess; what life is throwing at me, how I am doing, how my family is, what is coming up, what goals I have set, how I am doing at accomplishing any goals I have set and many other things. For me these 'year starts' are; New Years (the obvious), the end of school/beginning of summer, end of summer/beginning of school, and the Christmas season.

So, here I am reflecting, or starting on my reflective season. The last two 'beginning of the year' seasons I didn't have it in me to reflect, for a few reasons; A, B and C. Now I will catch up.

I am amazed how much my children have grown up. I realize I see them every day and help them learn and teach them... however, when I take a moment, really sit back and take it all in... where has the time gone?

I am more in love today than I was yesterday. I could not be more blessed, I could not be more satisfied, I could not be more fulfilled. That is until tomorrow when I am more than I was today.

I can finally say thank you for the hard times. They make me stronger and ready for what tomorrow brings.

This is only the beginning of what I reflect on. In seeing these thoughts in writing I realize that the rest of my reflections will only bring me closer to, my family, myself, and God.

  1. Blogger Rich said:

    I know exactly what you mean. It seems that the whole year leads up to christmas and the time between boxing day and new years eve is usually my "reflection" on the past year.

    Hope yours was a gooder!

  1. Blogger Melissa said:

    Thanks for the reminder to be reflective and to be thankful for all that we are blessed with.
    You are a very lucky girl!

  1. Anonymous jen k said:

    I love you Margie.

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