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Monday, August 28, 2006

Is my due date.

My heart hurts so much I feel sick.

Maybe this can be the step I need to get over, to start healing. Maybe...

  1. Anonymous Jen K said:

    ((Big Hugs))

  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    So sad.

    So very sad.

    Love you and yours.

    Praying today

  1. Blogger Deb said:

    I'm so very sorry...

  1. Blogger Melissa said:

    So sorry Margie.....

    Sending you lots of love and prayers today.

    I wish there was something I could do to take even just a little bit of the hurt away

    Love ya!

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    Wish I could do something to take your pain away....

    Love you Margie!

  1. Blogger headphonaught said:

    Can't begin to know how you feel... but be assured there are folk all over this world, even as far as Motherwell, who love you and are praying for you.

  1. Blogger SRMcEvoy said:

    Praying for you all.

  1. Anonymous krista said:

    Heaps of love.

  1. Anonymous sada said:

    thinking about you lots

  1. Anonymous joe said:

    thinking/praying for you and the fam.

  1. Anonymous Dave said:

    I love you guys. Hurting sucks and I hope good feelings take over soon.

  1. Blogger Kev Chen said:

    Even when you're in a junky place, you're still so awesome. Hope the clouds pass quickly so the sun can shine.

  1. Blogger J.C. said:

    Sorry Marg, luv ya.

  1. Anonymous Susan said:

    Tears for you. And for that sweet baby that we won't get to meet for awhile yet.

  1. Blogger Mike Todd said:

    Peace Margie.

  1. Anonymous Cate said:

    Oh Margie I am so sad for you, so sad.

  1. Anonymous Miranda said:

    you are incredable, i'm sorry you are going through this. you are in my prayers!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Margie & Pernell, I am truly sorry for your loss. Know that you have many friends.

  1. Blogger Robbymac said:

    Wendy & I have been through this several times, as well, so know that prayers are being offered on your behalf by people who know what you're going through.

  1. Anonymous Loreli said:

    Margie! I found your blog through a link in a blog and a link in a blog and a link in a blog. Long story, but here I am. It's a terrible time to re-unite, but I am really happy to see your face here on the net.

    I am praying for your restored heart and joy. I can't imagine the difficulty, but my heart aches with you.

    John-Mark are in Ghana - come check out our blog on xanga: www.xanga.com/crossing_cultures. We've been here for a week, but are staying for two years.

    How's Sam? Mallory's first friend! That must be her with you in your banner.

    I've got so much to say to you, but don't want to take up your whole comments section... Please e-mail if you can at cockrams@bfmc.org.

    Miss you. All the best to Pernell.

    Loreli Cockram

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