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Saturday, December 22, 2007

You all have heard me talk of Steve and Lori. Well time is ticking away and they are coming in just over a month. They found out yesterday after a week of nail bitting and waiting for the phone... The are approved for the house they put an offer on! That is very exciting as they now have a definite permanent place to live!

As it is now just over a month until they come, here are some things to pray for;

  • Finishing selling all the things they need too.
  • Preparing the kids for the trip and changes in their lives.
  • Packing and preparing for the long drive.
  • Safety on the road as they travel.
  • Peace as they arrive and start settling in.

Thanks to all you who are praying!!! Steve and Lori... Can't wait 'till you get home!!!


The Jolliffe's are looking to arrive on January 23rd, 2008. We will be looking for a spot for them to stay until the 30th. In those 7 days they will need to figure out about hooking up electricity to their name, hydro, etc...Register the kids for school, have kids attend school, look for any must haves, ie beds...

Please give me a call if you can help out in any way. I also want to be clear the Jolliffe's have not asked for any of this help... I just want them to feel welcomed home, back to part of our community, and have some of their stress lifted from their shoulders!

Thanks in advance for all of your prayers, kind thoughts, correspondence with them, and help with physical belongings!

  1. Blogger Lori Jolliffe said:

    Feeling the love Margie...

  1. Anonymous Leslie said:

    You are a good friend Margie, a real treasure!

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