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Catch up...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I am very excited about my friends moving here!!!

I am not done my Christmas shopping, but I rarely in my 33 years have had it done ahead of time.

I found a Wii today, totally by fluke, and Made Sarah and Bob very happy!

The only game boy I could find is a pink one... it is for Jake... he can rade with Sam after he opens it... if he wants to:)

The kids are done their Christmas shopping. I took the boys (one at a time) to Dollarama, they were sooooo cute!!!

Don't forget about this recipe.

My mom arrives on Saturday. The kids are so excited to see Grammy!!!

I head back to work Jan 2/08, excited and nervous.

The kids got their report cards. They all did terrific!

That is all for now folks...
I will post again soon... I promise:)

Oh did I mention my friends are moving to Hamilton soon?

  1. Blogger Reverend Joyleaf said:

    should know hopefully later tonight whether we're officially approved for the mortgage or not. hope so cause i've already lost enough hair. stresssssssssss

  1. Blogger Pernell said:

    If you give Jacob a pink gameboy for Christmas, you will be in big trouble, lady.

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