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Moms who Pray

Monday, November 13, 2006

Today was the first day that the moms met for prayer. There were two of us... but pray we did. I felt the power of prayer, the peace in knowing God is with my children at school, and the strength I needed to face this confusing week.

Even though it is moms getting together I thought it would be beneficial to all of you who read my blog, and all of you who I know are praying to have the passages we prayed through. I encourage all moms (and dads) who have children in school, daycare, nursery school or at a babysitter to pray for the 'school', the people your child has contact with (teachers, principles, other children, volunteers etc.), the physical building, and for you the parent. I will try and remember to post them every Monday for you. I love the program we are doing because I can continue to pray these passages all week.

We are using "ACTS" A-Adoration C-Confession T-Thanksgiving S-Supplication We also have a verse to start that is for Focus.
Focus: 1Peter 3:10-12
A-Psalm 25:8-10
C-Romans 6:14
T-Romans 5:15
S-2 Timothy 2:10

The format we are following is through a North America wide group called "Moms Who Care". Not trying to knock the group at all... We have decided to call ourselves "Moms Who Pray". I just have this strong feeling that by calling ourselves the "Moms Who Care" it is insinuating that the other moms don't care... in saying this the "moms Who Care" organization can be found all over the internet when one googles "Moms Who Care". This is amazing, encouraging and inspiring to me. Think of the power that is sweeping across North America each week.

  1. Blogger Dave King said:

    Good for you, where two or three are gathered...

    - Peace

    PS Kim got your card.

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    So proud of you Margie...such a good example for us!

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