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I am so out of breath!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Since we started this school year, I have been filled with mixed emotion! I have been scared, happy, nervous, excited, overwhelmed... need I go on!?

The mothers coffee time and mothers lunch has been a hit! It has been growing in leaps and bounds. Just when we were so happy and feeling more then blessed... God has now dumped more blessings on us. As Bobbi said today, "It is like God is two steps ahead of us this whole five months of living down here!" Well friends we have started skipping to keep up. I am now out of breath, yet so happy!

Next Friday is a PA day. We wanted to join all the moms, the ones who have come to the coffee time and the lunch time for a Christmas party with the kids as well. We soon realized that the houses we have met in are to small so we thought about where else we could meet. We came up with The FRWY. However we felt nervous about this as it was my church and we didn't want to seem like were forcing church on them.

Pray we did. We contacted the church right next door to the school. They were so excited to hear about what we were doing in this neighborhood. They told us they had a gym that they only use about once a month and three kitchens attached onto it.

We have to confirm on Monday when the secretary is back from holidays... but... well... I am so excited I have almost started crying on several occasions!

They would like us to use the church for the lunch times every second week as we have now outgrown the house we were meeting in. As for the coffee times, as they grow we are going to form them into smaller groups and offer more days.

Please I beg of you, continue to pray for the lives we can touch each day through these amazing opportunities!

  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    Very exciting Margie!! God is certainly using you in your neighbourhood. I will pray about this today.

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    What a blessing this has been for you! I am so glad it is working out so well.

  1. Anonymous Jenn said:

    Wow! That is fantastic!! I work in a school and knowing people are praying makes a huge difference!

  1. Blogger Melissa said:

    You can sense the excitement and enthusiasm in your writing. I am thrilled for you that you are blessing so many people where you are and at the same time receiving more blessing than you could have ever imagined! I will definitely keep your adventures in my thoughts and prayers.

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    Very excited for you Margie! So proud you are doing such great things in your neighbourhood. We'll keep praying for you.

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