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I am soooooo excited!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Every second Thursday my friend Bobbi has a lunch at her place. Moms from Jakes class (Bobbi's daughter is in the same class) are invited. We chat, let the kids play and are slowly building relationships and friendships. It is hard for a lot of the moms to get to Bobbi's as it is a 15 min walk from the school. Bobbi and I have chatted about having a coffee time during the morning when the kids are in school.

Finally we have got it all together and it is looking good. On the opposite weeks of the Thursday lunch we will have our coffee time on Friday morning at my place. Bobbi has been talking to people at her church about how excited she is in being in the down town, how these great opportunities are becoming real and how great it is to have me with the same vision and excitement. From this people in her church have given donations so we will not have to spend any money out of pocket to start this up.

We will be able to purchase one coffee perk for each house and then every week we have someone donating baked goods.

Enough about the what we have... can you imagine how amazing this is! Please pray for us as we will try and shine even a small ray of God's amazing love into the lives of these moms! I am so excited I could jump up and down (but then my tooth would hurt more...).

I will certainly keep you posted with the low down. First week is this Friday!!!!

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    So excited for you!!!! I can tell how much this means to you. Awesome.

  1. Blogger Kev Chen said:

    That's wicked exciting, yo!! I'll for sure be praying for you and Bobbi during these gatherings.

  1. Blogger Kev Chen said:

    Yo, so how did the visit to the dentist go? Hope it's all fixed up!!

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    Very happy for you Margie!

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    I keep coming back to re-read this because I love hearing you so excited! Love it! How's the tooth?

  1. Anonymous Miranda said:

    i love it!!

    you're friggn' awesome!

  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    What a beautiful picture of incarnational ministry...love it!

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