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Dress-up and other things...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today my husband is not feeling well. It is so bad that he didn't even eat any yucky bucky that I got for supper. That my friends is his all time favorite! I guess it is the combination of, weather/having a cold/not sleeping well/about five long days in a row... and I'm sure other things as well. Hopefully he will feel better soon!

Lucas' glasses were not ready today... they said they should be by tomorrow:)

As Pernell got ready to leave for a meeting tonight he called out to the kids to say good night. Down the stairs came a, spider princess, a bat and a ladybug... my kids love dressing up!

We have a new babysitter for Jacob after school this year. She is truly a gift from God! It is so neat that they moved into our neighborhood around the same time we did. Her husband is a pastor at a church near Burlington. Their eldest child is in the same class as Jacob. They have become fast friends!

My kids can't wait for Halloween... not just for the treats sake... they love to dress up! I rarely think there is a day that goes by without one of them in a different dress-up outfit. What terrific imaginations!

  1. Blogger Natasha said:

    Its great that you can have new friends in the new neighbourhood... I would stay away from smoker guy though.....I love dressing up tooo... still haven't found my halloween costume yet though.

  1. Blogger Margie said:

    I saw him on his porch and thanked him again...

    "no problem dear, I love doing things like that, it makes me feel good." As he was puffing away on yet another cigaret.

    Funny fellow

  1. Anonymous katherine said:

    Hey Margie,
    We've not met but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog.
    My husband Jared has met Pernell on a number of occassions and I feel as though I'm getting to know you both through his connection and your site.

    A friend and I are hosting an event in early November at the frwy and would love for you and your friends to consider joining us. It's a day devoted to talking about the courage it takes to cultivate positive change within our personal contexts.

    We would love your input.
    Details about the day are at letstrythatoneagain.blogspot.com

    Thanks again for your honesty in writing and sharing life with us. (strangers though we are)

    K. Siebert

  1. Blogger Rich said:

    Yucky bucky?!? You rock, or it it rule?

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