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Friday, October 13, 2006

I took the two older kids to the eye doctor today...

Sam has "terrific eyes" , the doctor said. 20/20 vision, slight astigmatism in one eye, but all is well...

Lucas... his left eye is great. It is actually doing all the work. His right eye is so bad that if we hadn't taken him to get tested in the next two years he could have lost total vision eventually in that eye. WOW! So my dear boy is getting glasses. Yes the most active, rough and tumble child is getting glasses. This prescription is so strong they can't give it to him all at once.

We will now have to go in one month, then every three months after that to have his eyes tested.

I feel guilty that I didn't pick this up before... we are now on the road to salvaging as much vision as we can from that eye. The doctor says you can only correct an eye like this up until the age of eight. They say this usually runs in families... Jake is going for a check up too!

We get his glasses on Wednesday... he looks darned cute!!!!!

  1. Blogger Perron said:

    Mac has a lazy eye. Is that Jake's problem too?

  1. Anonymous Susan said:

    They caught the same thing with me in grade 2 (I had cheated for the grade 1 eye exams!). Glad you caught it. They even made me do the eye patch thing, to no avail. My left eye is still horrendous. But thanks to my right eye I don't notice :)

  1. Blogger Natasha said:

    I can only imagine that he looks cute... how could he not

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