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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I got up that morning determined to get groceries... Pernell thought I was just a little more weird then normal but let me waddle off. As I stepped from my car in the grocery store lot I felt the first pain... I better hurry! By the time I got to the melons I was breathing heavy and flushed... no one seemed to notice. I did controlled breathing as I payed by debit, that didn't phase the cashier at all!?!

When I got home I gave it my best effort to put the groceries away... at least the stuff needing to go into the fridge got put away.

Upstairs Pernell called down that he was heading out to a meeting and would be back to pick us up to go to our lunch appointment... As he rounded the corner and saw me laying on the stairs he asked what was wrong...

I'm in labor... and it hurts...

We called all six people on our "to watch the kids while we have a baby list"... no one home... honestly what are the chances!?!

Just as we were going to take the kids with us one of the people called back and said she had noticed our number on the phone and was wondering what was up...

Well we hurriedly dropped the kids off at her house and then scooted on down to the hospital.

Less then 90 minutes later we welcomed Jacob into this world...

How can it possibly be six years ago? What a sweet, beautiful, kind, gentle boy he is. He has an amazing sense of humor, a quick love for those around him, a kind word or hug for friends in need, and a heart that doesn't ever seem to be full.

It has been a joy parenting him these past six years and I am thrilled think of the years ahead parenting him and being loved by him.

Jacob I love you a billion and am so proud to call you mine. I hope you have another amazing year ahead!

XOXO Mommy

  1. Blogger edison photography said:

    Man! I remember that day so well! 6 years old. What a big boy! Habby Birthday Jaco Bevan!

  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    Happy Birthday to Jake!

  1. Blogger Shan said:

    Happy Birthday to Jacob. The time sure goes fast doesn't it? Mine oldest will be six in a couple of weeks. I'm not quite sure how that happened.

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