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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A driver of a white car was parked on the left hand side of the street facing the wrong way... he decided to pull across to my lane just as I was in the spot he would have ended up in if I hadn't sneezed my heart out of my nose and blared on my horn... honestly what are people thinking...

This was on the way to pick Jake up from school (after buying three pairs of NEW pants for $5.99 each). I saw Lori at the school playground and she kindly asked me if my heart was in my nose after hearing about my ordeal... I responded that it was not since I had left it on my front seat... oy!

The fellow in the car also gave me one of those looks of, "Why is the crazy lady blaring on her horn at me?" I WILL TELL YOU MR. STUPID HEAD!!!! ok I am over that now...

Well I am off this weekend to a retreat with our church family... excited... we are leaving Bear in the capable hands of Steve and Lori... I will miss her!!!

  1. Blogger Lori Jolliffe said:

    Do we have to give her back?

  1. Blogger Family Of Five said:

    Seriously??? Lori and Steve looking after a puppy?? I'm amazed!! Maybe Emma and Oliver will get a puppy!!! :)

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