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Kids are funny!!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I am watching Mady and Eden this morning. So because I am a good Auntie I gave them hot chocolate with whip cream and sprinkles at 9am (Eden spilled her whole first cup reaching for a Tim Bit).

While they sat at the table drinking their healthy drinks and eating healthy Tim Bits they chatted away. Lucas suddenly asked if it was a school day. I responded that it is the weekend. A huge, "YES!!!" was spoken by Lucas. He turned to Mady to inform here it was a great day because it was a no school day. Mady responded by hitting her two fists on the table and saying, "I hate those days!!! I wish I could go to school today!"

The look Lucas gave Mady was priceless! Lucas asks Mady, "Are you crazy?" I then remind Lucas Mady is in Senior Kindergarten. Lucas responds, "ohhhh yeah I think I liked school then too..." He then gave Mady another priceless look and ran off to play.


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