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Took the kids to the dentist today

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jake had x-rays done and for the first time did not cry!!! We are over that hurdle. He is desperate for a loose tooth but they are all still firmly in his mouth!

Lucas is loosing teeth one usually looses when you are twelve and the adult teeth are already growing in. He has a tone of adult teeth right under the gums. I guess the tooth fairy will need to save up!!!

Sam is great. She couldn`t talk the whole time. Funny she grunted a few times, they would stop, she would tell us something, and then they would continue.

No cavities for anyone!

  1. Blogger miranda said:

    i hate the dentist. the ONLY thing i hate more is driving tests.

    One time i had to get two baby teeth pulled ... the night before, i layed in my bad and cried ... and cried ... and cried. i remember my big brother asking me what was wrong ... when i told him, he just rolled his eyes and moved on.

    i hate the dentist.

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