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This could get ugly!

Monday, September 24, 2007

We were away this weekend for a wedding. Beautiful but crazy times. Saturday morning I had a sore throat, but didn't think anything of it. We got back way late on Saturday night. I nearly froze on the way home in the van even though it wasn't cold in the van. Slept in my winter pajamas and had two heating pads. Sunday I woke up and declared myself to be dying. I also had a crusted over nose which was way gross!!! Hardly stayed awake for most of the day.

The kids and I were supposed to be going to a business retreat with Pernell for today and tomorrow. Instead I am home with two runny nosed boys and a little girl with a headache. My nose flows unlimited, I sneeze every 10 minutes or so and I feel like I have a porcupine in my throat... however I do feel better than yesterday.

My house looks like a small tornado went through it, my laundry still wont do itself, and I have no milk or margarine.

With all that said, the sun is shining, I have a beautiful family, I would much rather be me than my husband right now, and I have a billion friends who love me!!!

Next step, making lunch...

  1. Blogger miranda said:

    why do you always have to look on the bright side? kidding! you're awesome!

    get better! all 4 of you!!

    if i was in the hammer, i'd come bring you some milk and margerine and do your laundry. sorry friend!!

    (you could always mail the clothes to london? but that might take just as much work!)

  1. Blogger Kev Chen said:

    Snap!! I think what you described is exactly what I've got right now!! Crazy to see how these germs travel all around the world. Hope you feel better, and happy 11th anniversary!!

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