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Kinda sad and frustrated

Monday, September 17, 2007

Last school year I talked about how awesome it had been to have a friend who had kids in the same school as mine, and we prayed together every week. Well this summer she moved away, and the one other lady who prayed with us the odd time is not available to pray the days that I am available.

So here I am now, just me, praying for the school, teachers, faculty, students... lonely...

The group was affiliated with "Mom's Who Care" before. This summer they have changed it to "Breakthrough Prayer". The intent is to have more than just moms praying. They (Campus Crusade for Christ, which umbrella's the group and gives out the scriptures, etc.) want moms, dads, grandparents, neighbors, etc... all praying together.

So I have to put aside my frustrations and step up to the plate. Keep praying even if it is just me...

Here is the website that you can register on to get the weekly scriptures to pray through, for your school, a school you know a child attends, maybe you just know a teacher... you get the point... (it will be online September 24/07) www.breakthroughprayer.com

  1. Anonymous Randall said:

    Good on ya.

    I remember that exact frustration my wife, lauralea.ca used to go through, for the same reasons.

    Good for you for keeping going.

  1. Blogger miranda said:

    That is discouraging Margie. I am sorry. Know that i will be praying for your kids and their school, ok? ok!

    love you!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    I miss praying with you!!! I'm not praying (well officially anyway!!) down here yet. I'm scopin' out the people I could ask to join me. I have 2 so far just haven't asked....nervous....I'll be praying for you tho, that you'll find some more people to partner with in this! Keep up the god fight!

  1. Anonymous the friend who moved away said:

    arg!! I didn't mean to post that as anonymous!

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