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Coffee, friends and the 'new year'

Friday, September 14, 2007

Well folks, September is well under way now. Hard to believe as it seems like just yesterday we were all so excited about the summer and all the time we could spend with our kids... oh well, it was a fabulous summer, time well spent and used! My kids loved this summer. They all grew up so much. I saw the biggest change in Lucas. Now he is back at school and loving it! All the heartache and stress of adjusting to grade one and full days in school... to boot a class full of "challenging" kids (God Bless his teacher from last year!), now just a brief memory in the past.

Lucas brought home a page of math work from school the other day. I looked at it, looked at Lucas and asked if he had done the work. He responded he had and then chuckled at me. It was perfectly neat, all right and not scrunched up. I am so proud of the boy!

Samantha is quickly becoming a little lady. She is branching out to decide opinions on her own, ask questions where before life was accepted, and is very concerned with how her hair looks. She also likes to wear lip gloss.

Jake is so happy to be back at school and have all of his friends around him again! He loves all around him. He is very devoted to his brother and is sure Lucas is the be all and end all! We will see how long this lasts...

We are all back in the swing of things now. It is good to reconnect with some of the moms and meet new ones. I realize every day how blessed I am to have so many people around me that love me, my kids, my husband, and our dream for Hamilton.

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with one of the moms I got to know last year. We dropped our kids off at the school, walked to Tim Hortons, found a bench to sit on and spent a few hours just chatting. Awesome!

Well here is to friends, family, coffee and this awesome 'new year'!

  1. Blogger miranda said:

    hip, hip hooray!!!

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