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Fun Weekend

Sunday, August 12, 2007

On Friday evening we packed up the family drove an hour and landed on Pernell's brother, sister-in-law, 11 year old niece and 9 year old nephews door step. The boys went off to play, the girls went off to do what girls do and Jake figured out if he should tag along with the wrestlers or the make-up queens... I'm sure you can guess where he ended up! Jake idolizes his big girl cousin and soon became her little shadow for the next almost 48 hours.

I love spending time with this family! We have some good laughs, more good laughs and great joke/story telling (which always ends in some more laughs). After tucking the kids into bed, we brought out a game that we have heard so much about yet never played. I really quite enjoyed this game... although I am not in any place to say I am nearly even half way to being close to good at it!

We also played this game. I did quite well at this and it is also a great game for just two players! I am always looking for new games that Pernell and I can play on our own.

So the weekend was, good friends, good laughs and good food! Thanks for letting us visit!!!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    We loved having you all here! Good times. The house has been strangely quiet since you left! Love you guys!


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