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From the last post to now

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I really feel mixed about this summer. In so many areas it has been a beautiful summer; weather wise, friendships, times with the family. However there have been a scatter few dark clouds of sadness. Even in these times of sadness I think it is fair to say that friendships have strengthened and all the different communities I have been involved with have become closer.

Since the last time I posted, I have been to the beach with the kids, Melissa and Natasha. It was the perfect day at the beach. The weather was perfect, the kids were perfect (except when Samantha beat Melissa, Natasha and I twice at Skip Bo). I have worked some. My job is going well and hasn't been too stressful this summer (although I shouldn't say that out loud...). We went to Niagara falls for a few days. The kids had a blast (I had to commute back in to work for one of the days -I don't think they noticed I was gone).

Now we are packing up again as Pernell and the kids head off to a camp for a week for a speaking engagement (of Pernell's). I will stay at home, and try and reconquer the billion of tasks that one has a list of but never quite gets too (if I can fit them in before my desired bedtime of 8:30pm).

Hope you are all loving your summer as it winds down for another year...

  1. Blogger miranda said:

    you forgot to mention our singing debut that had the croud speechless! ... oh wait, they kicked us off before we got started ... their loss.

    Hope you enjoy this week and its uber productive!

    You are wonderful.

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