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Only my daughter...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A couple of weeks ago Samantha's teacher informed us that Samantha would most likely be moved to the gifted program at school. We are excited as Samantha often seems bored and the fights over homework is not because she doesn't get it, it is because she gets it then it takes time to do when it is so easy for her. Not challenged... trying to annoy her mother... lazy is how I sum up her homework skills!

The great thing about this school is first of all they have a gifted program so Samantha won't have to change schools, second they incorporate the program into the existing classes so she won't be moved from her friends and finally she loves teaching her peers (which she has done a lot this year) and will be able to continue that.

So this morning as I am sitting on my front porch having a marvelous coffee and checking my email, Sam comes out and says, "I was on the National Geographic web sight and read a 12 page article about giraffes. I took these notes (she showed me a blank letter size paper, which was jam packed front to back with categories, notes, headings...)and am ready to give you a presentation."

OK folks she has only been on holidays for THREE days... oh my...

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    She's a great kid I hope my classes are filled with kids as eager to learn as Sam!

  1. Blogger Jill said:

    Hi Marg

    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday...and let you know that i am thinking of you...and hoping that you have a great day...

    Love you lots

  1. Anonymous Loreli said:

    Oh my is right!

  1. Anonymous miranda said:

    have no fear margie ... i too was a keener. i remember in grade four doing an extra project for my teacher during my march break on polar bears. no lie. ... and look at me now!? there isn't a bigger procrastinator when it comes to school work. With any luck, Sam will drop that bad habit (aka schoolwork) and turn to the great and wonderful world of procrastination!

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