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Monday, July 30, 2007

I am doing my shift at the cafe today. I love this shift. There are a lot of regulars, a lot of people that make me laugh and then of course every couple of weeks the odd "oh my how do I take them".

Today I got the token, "oh my how do I take them". This is how our, or should I say his, conversation went as he talked at me, me not being sure if I was supposed to join in or just stare at him (hoping he wouldn't catch on to the fact I thought he was crazy!!!)

Man- "I noticed that the cafe is open on Saturdays for special events do you have the info on rental costs?"

Me ( at this point thinking he was a normal person)- I can give you the name of the person to speak to about costs, and availability..."

Man- "No I don't keep numbers or names or cards I have the memory of a two year old I noticed that there is a lot of stuff about fair trade and non-profit stuff is that all this place does because I want to rent it to make myself money I am a singer and if mediocre people can make a few dollars I sure could make some money I know some girls that would come and see me on my looks alone (smiles)(I am creeped out) well I know some of them but a lot of girls would come and see me I am not raising money for weeny charities or to save the world or anything I am doing it to get money for myself just thought you might have that information off hand."

Me- "well I can give you a card..."

Man- "NO I will burn it I don't keep cards they wanted me to work for an advertising company but I threw out all the cards Can I ask you a question..."

Me-"(I was going to respond but he didn't give me a chance)"

Man- (As he feathers his hair) "Would you spend $10 to see a band you don't know I mean most bands are drummers guitar players bass and singers but I am just a singer and I am not going to haggle for the price of the bar or place to play I am just a singer (smiles big and feathers hair again) would you pay that to see a band you didn't know?

Me "I probably wouldn't go see a band I didn't know."

Man- "Ah jeeze well this is for about four months down the road I will come back in... well since I am here I will get something to eat what is good on the menu?"

Me- "I actually like everything, well I don't like hummus but I never have."

Man- "God it all looks so healthy (he then reads off every item on the menu) I'm going to McDonalds."

He leaves...

*no punctuation because he really didn't use any!

  1. Blogger Reverend Joyleaf said:

    too many drugs man

  1. Anonymous Loreli said:


  1. Blogger miranda said:

    if he comes in again, let him know, i'd come see him sing.

  1. Blogger Perron said:

    You should suggest the squirrel. I hear they are delicious.

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    So funny.

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