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There are few days I can say this but today is one of them... I am very happy my kids are in bed.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I can not belive how much they fought today!!!

Sam had a sleep over friday to Saturday for her birthday party. There were five other girls. I like this age of girls and Sam's friends are so nice. Man oh man can they talk though!!! My head was a spinning!!!

We saw a dear friend on Friday from long ago in our Barrie days when Pernell started as a youth pastor. He is all grown up now. Chuck has turnned into a fine young man with a good head on his sholders. We are so happy to have him part of our family again!!!

There was barely a moment when the kids weren't fighting today. If it wasn't two then all three were at it... I think I will see where the moon is...


Close enough to a full moon... maybe they were like that 'cause they missed the full moon... tomorrow is a new day!

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