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Friday, June 15, 2007

I realise I am regressing to a five year olds level here but did you ever sing this when you were a kid?

Ra-ra ree, kick him in the knee
Ra-ra red, kick him in the head
Ra-ra rass, kick him in the...

For some reason I have that in my head today... and now it will be going through all your heads:) Mwahh ha ha ha!!!

  1. Blogger Jill said:

    Hi margie
    Jill here we are all moved up north and i was thinking that i will miss the goodyear family for sure...i look forward already to being home in hamilton more permanetly.

    I have a real favor to ask you as well...i have forgotten about the plants that i have at my house...meaning i forgot to drop them off at your house? I was wondering if you could pick them up? Just let me know if you can't cause my brother mentioned coming in from burlington and droping them off at your house? there are four hanging baskets and two erns in the front...i think they will die if i don't get them watered soon...

    let me know
    love ya

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    We finish it with Ra-ra rass, kick him in the OTHER KNEE!

    My husband still says this a lot. Maybe that is why he looks like a teenager still. LOL

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