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Good Day... even with very little sleep!

Monday, June 18, 2007

I hardly slept last night. The kids weren't up, not even once, Pernell slept too... I just tossed and turned. So I am a little sleepy today, actually a lot sleepy!

The moms that I pray with every Monday went to chat with the Principle and the Vice today about how we use this a form of showing our care for the school. It is the first time that we have formally introduced ourselves as a group who prays for the school. We have done things for the school, we have participated in events and we have all interacted with the Principle and teachers. It was just scary letting them know we pray for them. Why... well I'm sure you can all figure it out. What will they say? How will they respond? Will they accept us as that? etc!

They were very receptive, kind, happy, and excited. They even gave us a name of a teacher to pray for specifically who has been diagnosed with cancer. They spoke of next year and how we can be part of the school.

My heart is singing, my spirits high and knowing they have accepted us is so amazing! We have a email address to implement next year so teachers and faculty will have a "high tech" prayer request box.

I actually feel like crying! Happy tears!!!

Praise be to God!
Thank you for the amazing year at this school! Thank you for all the work of the teachers, the energy they have poured into each student. The Patience, love and hard work of all the staff at this school. Thank you for each opportunity to serve the school and share Your love through our actions. Thank you for all the parents who are now friends. Thank you for the safety of our children, the friends they have made and the security they feel.
Thank you!

  1. Blogger Melissa said:

    I love hearing how things are working out for you downtown! This makes my heart happy to hear of an inner city school being cared for the way you and your group are. I am proud of you! Love the example that you are showing to our community. You are wonderful!!!!

  1. Blogger Miranda said:

    Melissa says it well!

    You are amazing, you are DOING things ... amazing things. I'm so proud and happy for you too!

    Thanks to all the moms!

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