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Peace, Beauty, Garden

Monday, May 28, 2007

I have to say this has been the best two weeks I have taken off work in I can't remember how long! I can't say I am excited about going back to work tomorrow, however I am happy about seeing my friends and getting back into the swing of things. I really and truly feel rejuvenated and ready to face my clients and co-workers again!

My gardens really brought music to my heart and peace to my being. I think they turned out fabulous also!

The two flowers above are the ones Jake picked all by himself. He planted them and is now keeping a close eye on them. There is also a hosta that we are trying to revive after a slight mishap with a lot of soil and a husband being over worked in the high heat of a day... I do have to say a huge thank you to Pernell who has been ever so patient with me as I have let the inside of the house go to ruins, as I have continually talked about gardening every waking hour, as I have changed my mind a few too many times, as I have encouraged him to do most of the heavy lifting, as I have turned into a crazy "I hate squirrels" lady, as I have... I'm sure you all get my point. Pernell I love you and thanks a big huge billion!!!

Bellow are pictures of the finished products... mind you the plants will grow and the weeding will still need to be done. When I say finished product I mean all the plants are in and the beds are made. Click on the picture bellow and it will lead you to a slide show.

For all of you who live close, come on by and see how fun the gardens are... and help scare the squirrels away!
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  1. Blogger Jill said:

    i love you marige this is a greatpost...i know that you did an amazing job...and hey sometimes we have to sacrifce the inside to just get the outside looking great...oh ya and i kinda miss you one week withour my margie fix kinda sucks...i know you are back at work so i hope that it has gone well so far...

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