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The SPCA sucks

Friday, April 27, 2007

Last night quite late as Jordan and Jill were preparing to leave our place after a night of fun and laughter... we got a knock at our door and two young ladies asked us to call the SPCA. In a window well at the church across the street from our house there were two VERY young kittens crying out. It was cold, and rainy. There was a box with a blanket, very large food, looking somewhat like dog food and a half ass shelter.

We called the SPCA after getting the two helpless kittens inside. They were short on the phone, and the option they gave us was put them back, keep them or bring them in so they could put them down.

A second phone call to them made us aware that they in fact had already been out to see them and there was a mama cat. We bundled them up, made their hope weather proof and brought them back to the window well. We then saw a distraught Mama pacing the area.

So now it is morning, I have not crossed the road yet to see if the poor kitties are alive... Mama is roaming around, ducking down every once in a while to the window well. I called the church and let them know about their new tenants. They are going to have a look...

I just feel so sad for them. They are God's creatures and why should they be treated in this manner... maybe I will put a coat on and go have a peek...

This is the second time in a week or so that the SPCA has been so nonchalant and rude... I don't think I am too impressed!

*** Just back from across the street... they are still alive, and Mama is still looking after them!

  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    That would be it for me, I'd be the owner of two littles kittens and probably mom too!

  1. Blogger Jill said:

    Margie I am glad to hear the little (pussy) cats are okay..hint hint! It made me so sad eh!
    i am glad you called the church!
    love ya

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    The poor kitties! I am with Leslie. I would bring them home in a heartbeat. I hope they find a loving home soon.

  1. Blogger Perron said:

    We found some at our church one night. Animal control (the emergency number) said they would come sometime the next day. Glad they have a 24 hotline.

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