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Much to your surprise... I have a brain

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I am a mother of three... plus I have a crazy husband. I realize I come across as a woman who can't finish a whole conversation without grabbing a running child, telling my kids to stop hurting each other, having a child say, "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, can I... mom, mom, mom, can I...".

When I am at work, I do a good job. Not to toot my own horn but I really think I am good at my job and am respected for it. The thing is my fellow workers don't know me as mom... they know me as who I am at work.

When I go somewhere by myself, or am alone with a friend, or don't have the kids around and start talking like a normal brained person... I often think people are taken off guard. I (well I think this, maybe it is not true) think they give me weird looks and are shocked that I can actually think intellectually.

All this is from yesterday. Had a good conversation with a friend... but felt like they weren't as engaged as I was... or maybe they were taken back that the conversation was serious and went somewhere.

In conclusion... I think I need to start using my brain more often.

  1. Blogger Steve Jolliffe said:

    This doesn't really have anything to do with your post but I think you'll like it...

    Click here to view funny video.

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    I can relate. So much. How many times have I seen the look of shock and amazement when people realise that the lights are on and somebody IS home.

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