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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I have a couple weddings to go to in the next month... there is the small problemo of what to wear. Found a beautiful dress... It is too small, or I am too big. Since the second miscarriage, I have not been able to loose any weight. Frustrating, annoying, grrrrr...

So back to the drawing board... do you think people would be offended if I just went in my underwear and bra?


Totally different note...

Steve is gone... that annoys me! I really enjoy it when he blogs!


And yet one more totally different note... that I am not annoyed about...

Like my new blog look? My dear sweet did this! THANK YOU!!!!

  1. Blogger Krista Jefferson Photography said:

    My closet is your closet.

  1. Blogger Jill said:

    Margie...you are hot...and coming from a close friend who knows how hard it is with weight after a baby...i hear ya...and really it just sucks...i looked at some photos of myself from a hike i went on the other day and shit it sucked I thought i was losing weight and well the pictures told a different story...just promise me you won't get down on yourself you have been through way to much to worry about fitting into that dress...i think a bra and underwear suit would be fine...i mean nobody minds a little painties every now and again.

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    Love your blog! Very pretty!

    I never have anything to wear if it requires not looking like a SAHM either. I say go shopping! ;)

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