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March Break is done...

Monday, March 19, 2007

I got up earlier this morning then I have in quite a few days... did all the school morning things I usually do, brought the kids to school and said bye to them. Sam gave me a kiss and hug. I then watched her skip off with friends, laughing as they hooked their arms together. Lucas blundered along side me until we got to the spot he lines up. Lucas started talking to a few friends and it took me four times of calling his name (while standing right next to him) before he would acknowledge me let alone say bye. Jake held my hand the whole way from the car, skipping alongside me and in his high pitched voice talking about a million and one things (couldn't keep up as my brain was still asleep).

I waved as Jake got in line. Blew kisses and told him I would miss him. He waved, blew kisses and smiled.

Other moms around me were smiling at their kids, waving and telling each other they were going to enjoy this time without their kids!?!?!!?

WTF!!!! (Sorry about the swears in Lent but I... well I...)

I actually miss my kids and love spending time with them! I sure do look forward to long weekends, school breaks, vacation... I couldn't imagine feeling the way some of these moms feel!

Anywhooooo... just had to let you all know how I feel! Have a good week!

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    I feel the same way. I always miss my kids when they are at school and am so glad when they have a break so we can spend time together.

    I hope they all had a good day back. :)

  1. Blogger Melissa said:

    That's because you are a TERRIFIC mom!!!!

  1. Blogger Miranda said:

    i second that!

  1. Blogger Rachel Pede said:

    wtf is the only way to describe it...
    I'm glad you're such a great mom!
    the world needs more wtf's at things like that.

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    It's nice to see Margie - don't WTF just be proud you have a great relationship with your kids. Screw the rest of them!

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    I agree Margie! People keep asking me, no telling me I should put Oliver in preschool now. Why? I like him. I enjoy him. Why not keep him a little longer at home while I can. They will be gone soon enough full days.
    It's great lounging at home with them and playing games or watching movies or or or whatever. Not having to rush off. I love it too. You are right!
    Those other moms???? WTF???
    You are amazing.

  1. Blogger Steve said:

    Squeezing in between the moms he pokes his head out and says, "I hear you. I don't understand it either. I've heard the sighs and complaints and longings to 'get rid' of the kids. The first thing that comes to my mind is why have kids if you are so bummed out about parenting them."

  1. Anonymous Lori's MIL said:

    Thoughts of a grammy. I totally agree with everyone. I was a stay-at-home-mom and loved it. Even when my kids were in school I was at every field trip possible. I wanted to be with my kids and loved the holidays. I agree Lori, keep Oliver with you as long as you can. He'll be gone soon enough.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Thank-you for this post Margie. It could provide some much needed reflection for all of us who: are parents, want to become parents, or care about other parents. It can be upsetting to see people not value their children enough. Some moms joke about getting rid of the kids because they are simply making silly small talk. But others "joke" when they never get a break because the spouse or extended family can't share the "stay at home" days(and there are so so many of them-the preschool years, the holidays, sickness, appointments, etc.) Without the break or self esteem gained from a respectable career,it takes a lot to keep the emotional and physical energy up.Also, Post partum depression and mental illness are more common than many realize. Sad if all of these factors and more are into play all at once. Maybe some moms just need a kick in the pants! But on a serious note maybe some need us to lift them up. Take care, Cindy

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