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Friday, March 16, 2007

We are winding down March Break. It has been a gooder so far!

Monday we went to see Arthur and the Invisibles. Loved it!!!!

Tuesday I worked my long day but Dad and the kids went to Wild Hogs. They all loved it.

Wednesday I only worked until 2pm and then went to Chuck E Cheese's with Pernell's parents. The kids had a great time... I feel a little overwhelmed when I go there... but I survived!

Thursday we went with Bobbi's family to Niagara falls. First we went to the Butterfly Conservatory, then ate at Wendy's, then went to The Midway, (again felt a little overwhelmed), then walked down to the falls, then walked to the Hershey Factory... where we all got free chocolate milkshake samples and Hershey Kisses.
We headed home, fed the kids, Melissa came to watch the rug rats and went to Bobbi and Matt's to order Chinese food... mmmmm!

Today we hang out, I will have the honor of putting a trillion billion loads of laundry away. Sam has a sleep over... I will call Cindy and see if we can hook up...

Tomorrow Jake has a birthday to go to at the Reptile Store...


  1. Blogger Lori said:

    There is a lot of food in your post...mmmmm.
    I have never been to Chuck E Cheese for the simple fact that the thought of it makes me antsy and nervous.
    Good for you for going there. I never would have thought you ever got overwhelmed for anything. Wow.
    The butterflies are lovely aren't they? We have seen some giant ones here....somewhere and they are beautiful. As big as your hand sometimes.
    Miss you....wish we could hang out.
    You would have loved Emma yesterday. We took her to the Gap for the first time ever. (Yes shocking I know-she's five) She said "Mom I want to come here every day. I love all these clothes and it just looks so neat in here."
    Hmmm. Even when I try to supress it it doesn't work, the shopping gene is bred in there!
    Hey did I already say I miss you? Oh ya right, I did. Okay then...have a good weekend.

  1. Blogger Miranda said:

    Margie also went bowling on Saturday! She prob didn't write about it in fear of my bowling wrath! ... oh wait ...


    Margie is the bomb shizzle!

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