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Hi I Live In Canada...?

Monday, January 15, 2007

I got up, noticed the weather outside (rainy, freezy, snowish, really it all equaled "Canadian Winter"), got breakfast for the kids, packed their bags up, had a shower, got dressed, had Pernell lay out the kids clothes, judged the Monday morning "who can get dressed faster" contest (Jake won - mind you he doesn't have to get any glasses on or get his hair done), hustled the children out the door, scraped off the car, drove to school, noticed there were no cars in front of the school ("Are we that late?"), run to the doors (they are locked), go to Jakes door, and notice there are no teachers cars in the parking lot...

IT IS CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS SCHOOL CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love having the kids home that is not why I wonder this... I just think this is the first sign of winter this year and we close down?!?!?!?

Good grief! That's all.

  1. Anonymous Katherine said:

    Most schools were open in Guelph today although bus and taxi transportation were cancelled. So, if you could walk in the weather safely then schools were open to you.

    We trudged through the snow while the freezing rain pelted our bodies and it felt rather refreshing (although the pelting of frozen water on my face did hurt every once in a while.)

    All was calm by pick up time too so perhaps conditions are much better here than in Hamilton.

    Hope you are enjoying the kids home for one more day.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    I think they are afraid of all the idiots that forgot how to drive in the snow since last winter.

    We had snow south of us yesterday and about 15 car accidents related to the weather.

  1. Anonymous Jenn said:

    My school was open today... I had three kids in my class!

  1. Blogger Natasha said:

    I was surprised when I got Sam's email. I think its crazy that the schools were cancelled today. I was talking to Kevin this evening and I said that when I was in school in Barrie it took a heck of a lot more then what we got today to close the schools. He says to me you usually hear those stories from older people... "Back when I went to school..." Man I feel old!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    I don't think it has anything to do with the snow - it's the ice - like jodi said it's because people are still inherently stupid and drive like idiots in bad weather, jump curbs, and hit little kids walking to school.

    I was praying for U of T to close - apparently they almost never do. Oh but to be in elementary school again!

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