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Catching up

Saturday, January 20, 2007

For the past couple weeks while Lucas gets dressed in the morning he says to Pernell, "So tell me what it was like in the '90s" Totally makes me laugh, and totally makes Pernell feel old. Love it!!!


Went to the Market today with the Jones family. Let me tell you we get some great looks as four adults and eight children walk in a herd through the market! We had a fabulous time! Good friends, lots of laughs and a ratio of 2/1, children to adults. Not so bad!


Friday January 12, 2007 was our due date. I have found it very hard hurdling through this. I have felt very weepy and not in control. I like to be in control of myself. I like to be level, even keeled, knowing what I am about. I don't feel that way. It almost bothers me more that I can't be in control, then feeling the sadness of what could have been.


The kids all got slippers from Old Navy today. Less than $6.00 for all three. I love end of season sales!


I have a new obsession in life. Scarves. I'm talking winter scarves and not silky things. Thoroughly enjoy a good scarf! I think I have around ten now... oh and I also enjoy necklaces...


I love Miranda! She is beautiful inside and out. And she makes me laugh.


Over the past couple of months I have had the pleasure of getting to know two different couples. They are around our age, one has three kids, the other is about to burst out their first. I like them a lot. God has given me these friends. I believe that with all my heart. We have things we all like, areas we can be challenged in, ideas to share, dreams to watch come alive, tears to shed, laughter that warms our souls. I like friends.


You know the dangley thing that attaches your upper lip and your gums... Jake fell and split it open yesterday... ewwww. If you lift up his lip it looks grouse and is all bruised.

I'm sure there is more to catch up on... but that is all I have the brain power I have for now.

  1. Anonymous Miranda said:

    You made my week Margie!
    YOU make ME laugh! I love chattn' with you!
    I also like necklaces and scarves!
    I don't like transitioning sentences. Haha.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Scarves, yes they are delightful.

    You have to admit it, the 90's feel like a long time ago don't they?

    It's freaky being out of control. At least you are mindful of it. Eat more chocolate...I don't know.

    Old Navy bargains! Woo Hoo!

    Are we ever going to get together again? Man I miss you guys.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Scarves are great - I love my pashmina even more though!

    Old Navy rocks.

    Lucas is hilarious - loved the question.

    We saw Jake's split thingy - very cool!

    Love the random blog.

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