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Two bits of info

Friday, November 17, 2006

We had our second Moms coffee time here at the house this morning. We had five moms again. A couple were different. I am so thankful I can do this and get to know these moms more! Both last time and this time these moms became vulnerable. Shared things they said they normally don't share. We got to peek into their lives and see emotions they say they normally don't expose. God is at work! I am so happy! Bobbi and I shed a few tears as we chatted at the school after. I love how God has put this opportunity in our path!


This drives me nuts! First of all, it is not a word so how can it be "Word Verification"? Second, I have typed in the right letters so many times and it has said "Enter the letters as they are shown in the image." I know this because I click on the green 'back' arrow and I double check and the letters are in fact right. Third, growl!

  1. Blogger Natasha said:

    Growling aside its great to hear that you and your friends are experiencing God in such a humble way.

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