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Tooth Ache...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Very unhappy girl here! Tooth hurts oh sooooo bad! Didn't sleep, hurts to think (that may not be tooth related). I have a dentist appointment for this evening... hopefully before that I don't rip the tooth out with pliers.

Had a coffee break with a marvy friend today! Loved it! I miss having clients by her office! Just sitting chatting, laughing, thinking, being brave about eating donuts, and just relaxing. It made my week! Thanks friend!

Note to all those with tooth aches... don't drink hot coffee!!!!

  1. Blogger Rich said:

    I would say "or eat ice-cream" but then you don't get ice cream!

  1. Anonymous Dave said:

    Toothaches can be the worst.

    I hope the dentist has some magic up his sleave for ya, Margs.

  1. Anonymous jen k said:

    I loved having tea with you too! Made my day. Hope your tooth fairy sprinkles magic sleep dust on you tonight.

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