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Dentist tribulations cont...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I had my wisdom teeth out ten years ago...TEN YEARS!!! When I had them out they had started to grow sideways into my back molars... the dentist says they are the reason for all of my back molar issues... the damage they caused then slowly had an effect on my nerves...

So now I need to have one root canal... and my other root canal re-done...

I want all my teeth pulled and fit for dentures! Until that day.... Monday I go for my root canal:(

owwwww... owwwww.... sob sob sob... owwwww...

  1. Blogger Melissa said:

    I am soooo sorry to hear all of this is happening. I want to be able to take some of your pain for you!!! Let me know if there is anything you need or anything I can do.

  1. Blogger Jason Soper said:

    We'll be praying for this. I never had a root canal before, but I did have dental surgery. I had the option of staying awake or being put to sleep. MY response, "put me out." Surgery gives me the spooks.

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    I am so sorry Margie. That sucks. I agree with dentures. Much nicer. Dental pain is rotten.

  1. Blogger Shauna-Lee said:

    I can only imagine. I too fear the dentist and in fact, over my Christmas holidays I will be getting two wisdom teeth removed. I am petrified. My thoughts and prayers are with you 'cuz I understand and while others may be thinking "it's really not that big of a deal" I will be thinking of you, in complete comprehension of your fears!

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    I am petrified of the dentist...good luck Margie I'll be thinking about you!

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