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Croup season already???

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Last night after we all went to bed... our littlest started barking like a seal. I can't believe that croup season has started already! I ended up sleeping on the floor, most of the night listening to Jakes breathing. Just when I would fall asleep... Lucas woke up (twice) and told me he was "dreaming bad". I hustled him back to bed, shook the dreams out of his pillow and curled back up on the hard floor.

At around 3:40 am I was going to take Jake into the hospital, due to his now gasping for breath... then for no reason what so ever... he settled and his breathing settled into an even wall moving snore.

Jake is very sensitive today. I asked Lucas to be patient with him when he was on his billionth time of tears. I explained that Jake was not well. Lucas responded, "oh, is that why he sounds like a seal?"

The cycle of croup is usually three nights and the second is usually the worst... I had a wee nap this morning but am now preparing for the worst. I thought we would avoid croup this winter due to Jake's tonsils and adnoids coming out. I was wrong.

Any tips out there from former croup-sleepless night-parents?

Sam has a cough that just wont let go... 8 days and counting... no church for the kids tonight! Early to bed for them, Amazing Race with amazing friends... and then bed sweet bed for me!

  1. Anonymous krista said:

    This sucks. No advice as we haven't had to face this... yet. Madi and Eden were praying for Jake to get better tonight. And as I tucked Eden in she was crying "Hug Jake! Hug Jake!" The wee guy is missed!

  1. Blogger Family Of Five said:

    We open the window and use a humidifier... the moisture and cold is supposed to help. :)

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    Yup, we sit them in the bathroom with the shower running on hot for quite awhile (if it really bad we let it run till the hot water is gone). Then bundle them up and take them outside into the cold. Other than that you can ask the doc for a nebulizer. It opens the airways, making breathing a tad easier.

    I will be praying they all get well soon. Sick kids is never a fun thing.

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    Hope he gets better soon! I didn't even know that kids his age could get croup - thought it was more for babies. Lots of people mentioned a humidifier already, I had a Vicks Vaporizer that you put that Vicksy mentol stuff in and it steamed that out. Not sure if that would work but if you think it might I think I got it at Walmart.

  1. Blogger Rich said:

    Jodi's advice is best. We treat with nebulized (ie vapourized) epinephrine.

    When in doubt and you're nervous, call 911.

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