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So beautiful

Monday, September 04, 2006

I just sat and watched my babies sleep. How did they get so big. The independence and trust for the world that surrounds them. Since we are working on Sam's room, she is sleeping in the boys room too. I was great to have my eyes scan over all of them. So peaceful and yet full of life.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Sam and Luke. I cry every year (after they go in). I miss them when they are at school. Sam was talking to a friend from her old school on the phone today. She said she was nervous and had a funny belly. I wish I could go in and sit with her, make sure she is ok, safe, feeling secure... As I gave Luke is shower tonight, he thanked me for washing him and then told me he needed some privacy to stand in the water and relax. I looked into his eyes and saw that loving boy, the one who always will hug and love me. I had so much to tell him about what lay ahead in "full day" school... instead I reminded him that he was not to talk about bums, booties, or any other private parts of his body at school. He told me that was s good idea and he wouldn't do his "shake the booty" dance either. I told him that was a good idea.
Now I must go sleep and prepare to let go... once again. Trust them as they go into school that they will stay safe, remember I love them and that God is always with them.

I'll let you know how it goes.

  1. Blogger Melissa said:

    Can't wait to hear how they make out!! They both are such wonderful children with attracting amazing personalities. They will both be great! Unless the whole they can't talk and be nice to anyone rule still applies so you don't have to deal with theendless birthday pary invitations. That could pose a problem!!! I will be thinking about you all tomorrow.

  1. Blogger Family Of Five said:

    I cried reading your post just at the simple thought of my babies going to school! It terrifies me!! I love them so and like you said about your girl I want to always be with them to make sure they are safe and secure! It's amazing how quickly they grow.... I cry just when I think of my babies getting so big!! My boy too is my gentle one who will always hug and love me. He always has time for mommy snuggles! My girl is much too busy! My boy will be 3 in October and I can't bring myself to send him to preschool this year! I know I need to work on preparing to let go... but it is so hard! I hope for your children a safe and happy day at school. I hope they make good friends and that you have a peaceful day! I will think of you! (My big girl also starts highschool tomorrow and that terrifies me!!!)

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Sometimes when I read your blog, I think you are an extension of myself... I cried my eyes out reading this entry. My eldest began grade 1 today - your words gave me some extra peace and reasurance. Thank you for sharing yourself with moms like me!

    Karla in Winnipeg

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