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Second wind

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I am often looking for a second wind...

However as of late, after finally getting the kids to bed I am exhausted. I think to myself, or out loud to anyone who wants to hear, "I am going to bed early tonight"... Well after doing a few small things, like putting the dishes away or laundry or a quick tidy... I get a second wind.

Normally this would be great. However I then stay up later then I should and am so totally exhausted the next morning. I get so mad at myself...

It happened again tonight:(

  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    I do that all the time...

  1. Anonymous krista said:

    Every single night. Last night it was after 4am when I went to bed. Got to love being self-employed too.

    My new thinking is - if I do this now,then I won't have to do it when the kids are awake and I can have more time with them. But you guessed it - I'm too bushed come the a.m.!

  1. Blogger Family Of Five said:

    That is my life every day!!! I do that very same thing every night. I think many of us moms do!

  1. Anonymous Loreli Cockram said:

    Get some sleep, would ya?

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