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A couple questions and I love my community!

Monday, September 11, 2006

My kids love to eat. I don't normally mind. They usually eat healthy; fruit, popcorn, pretzels, rolled meat, cheese, toast, sandwich... you get the point. When should one say enough snacks and really say no to food. I say no when I realize it will interfere with a meal or if they are on a sweet tooth roll and are asking for candy or having one of those days when they think freezies are the fifth food group-68 servings a day... but my kids could eat the best supper in the world. Lots of it, really healthy, balanced and big portions... not ten minutes later they ask for a snack.

Anyone have thoughts?


I have had some great friends over the years. I have a hard time when I realize a close friend is not close anymore. I realize as we all grow life changes, interests change and different people come and go in our lives. I have a friend that I only think of as an acquaintace now. I also have a hard time when I think I am closer to someone then they really are to me. Is it important to define ones friendships? Should it be?

Anyone have thoughts?


Thank you so much Krista and Suzan for helping with child care! Thank you Suzan again!

Supper tonight was loud! As we sat down to eat (a kick ass lasagna), the kids needed to be heard, Nathan needed to be heard, Pernell needed to be heard, Rachel Melissa and I took turns hushing everyone. It was awesome!!!! I enjoyed having people drop in just in time to feed them (and Pernell thinks I'm crazy for cooking enough for two extra every night).

I love my community!!!!!

  1. Blogger Family Of Five said:

    The snacking.... I to this day am a snack eater... 'they' say it's better for you as long as you are eating healthy snacks. My kids eat the exact same way... and sometimes their snacks are even healthier than our meals.. we are eating pasta and my son just wants some grapes. I figure.. my kids must sit and be part of our family dinner with us... but as long as they are eating healthy. I don't say no to snacking as long as the snacks are healthy. My mom actually took me to the doctor when I was young because I was always hungry.. my mom would still be cleaning the dishes from supper and I would be asking for food. The doctor said to just give small snacks.. some people have a slower message to the brain telling you that you are full. I have always had a very high metabolism.... it's better for your body! Don't sweat the small stuff.. it your kids are happy and healty...dont worry about how much they eat... just make sure it's good stuff they are eating!!

  1. Blogger SteveO said:

    Hey Margie, hope you're doing well.

    The friend thing has been on my heart & mind for a bit too. Once close always close, not so. I wish it were so. I've had good friends over the years but no best friends. Those close aren't so close anymore. Nothing I've done. In fact, I think I've tried to keep things going but I've become a little discouraged being the one initiating contacts.

    Pernell is a great guy - of course you know that.

    Leslie & I were just saying the other night that maybe the "best friend" thing hasn't panned out for either of us because we met in high school and became everything to each other. I think you guys might be in the same boat.

    Not sure if that gives another angle to think on or not. Sorry for the lengthy comment (makes up for me never commenting here!).

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    As for the kids eating, no idea. I didn't snack a ton, but I see my brothers now eating way more than I was ever allowed to between meals. Mom said it was because I never grew. They still are.

    Friends...they can suck sometimes or be the best things in the world. I connected with a girl in university who I thought would be in my wedding, and be a lifelong friend. Same values, upbringing, everything. She wasn't a great friend to me although I didn't recognize it for many years. I would just get hurt and angry for things (like lunch plans being ditched on your birthday etc). We moved so much I was never able to keep friends for too long - big cross country moves before the internet killed the relationships of a 15 year old. When I found this girl I was so excited to have a friend I knew I could keep. It hasn't turned out that way. I have finally come to terms (after 5 years mind you) that I am a kickass friend, and will continue to be loyal to my friends. If she or anyone else doesn't recognize that, I'm ok with that. I was sad initially, but I've let go of expecting the level of friendship I have to offer back from that person. I was able to define our friendship and it made me feel better. I initiate the phone calls or emails, but I don't hold my breath waiting for a reply, and don't get bitter the way I used to.

    Sorry for the long reply, hope you work it out!

  1. Anonymous Susan said:

    Some people think eating more protein fills you up. But I could eat a small meal every 2 hours and be quite happy. Some people say you should have a drink first and then see if you still feel hungry (apparently we tend to mistake hunger for thirst).
    Friends are a terribly sad subject, I find. I think people are so busy that you're lucky if your family knows you. I feel that I need to define how close people are to me so that I don't get disappointed. And I've realized that pretty much everyone is an acquaintance and nobody is a friend. Maybe we have to relearn what it means to be friends at this point in our lives?

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