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No mercy=progress

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The boys played outside and I finished in the boys room... two garbage bags later...

My thinking is that it is going to be two weeks until we get their stuff unpacked... so they will forget about the stuff that doesn't make it?

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    Yup. Once you get moved it will all be like new toys so if there is anything you want to weed out do it now. :)

  1. Anonymous Susan said:

    Depends on whether or not your child has the memory of an elephant. Last week Zoe asked me where her cd player was (a toy one that was given to her at a garage sale, one plastic CD that never worked right). I got rid of that almost a YEAR ago! When I told the truth to her she cried and cried. So always do what I usually do; when she asks for something I know I got rid of before the move I say "I'm not sure where it is" and she says confidently "it's probably packed".

  1. Blogger Lou Renaud said:

    Moving sucks ! If I can help in any way, please 'e' me.

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