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... and he can't get up.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Please pray for my Pernell. He leaned over to pick something up, ended up falling as his back went wonkie again. It took about an hour before he could move. I helped him into bed, heavily medicated him and now we are waiting to hear from the doctor. I feel helpless as there is nothing I can do but watch him lay in agonizing pain...

If I missed calling you to cancel an apt with Pernell, I'm sorry. I think I got everyone in his book for today.

  1. Anonymous Jason C said:

    That really sucks! Hey give me a shout if I can help with anything.

  1. Anonymous Susan said:

    So sorry to hear that he's down again. Do you need a hand with anything this weekend? Like that big garage sale? Randy is an avid garage sailor.

  1. Anonymous Dave said:

    I emailed Pernell to let him know that if he needs anything (like me coming over and eating a meal....hehe) I'm only a phone call away. Honestly though, I am.

    The same goes for you, Margie. Let me know if you need anything.

    P.S. If Pernell can't get to the computer, please let him know that I can't go with him and Luke next weekend because of a wedding thingy. SUPER sorry.

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