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I like long weekends

Monday, May 22, 2006

We went to visit Pernell's brother, his brothers wife and two kids today. We had a great time. I love chatting with my sister-in-law. We both strongly agree that we married into the low end of the gene pool, as when our families get together we are the only two who stay calm!

When we got there, my niece who is two years older than Sam came down the stairs wearing jeans and a yellow t-shirt from Old Navy. Sam was wearing the same thing except her shirt was green. My niece is what Sam will look like in two years time. They are so similar it is hilarious, and my niece is an absolute beauty! Later in the day my niece had to change her shirt and on went the green one the same as Sam's. Mini me is all we could think of:)

My nephew who is the blond version of Lucas (two years older than him also) came down the stairs and both him and Lucas were wearing the same T-shirt. Very funny. Pernell was wearing his black zippy and his brother pulled the identical one out of the closet... my sister-in-law and I... well we both were dressed! We will call each other next time:)

We had an awesome supper! I will have to get the recipe and post it!

I am looking for some more excuses to not pack... it is sad when I run out!!!!

  1. Blogger NathanColquhoun said:

    gotta love spam

    i remember at one point that pernell said that on all the blogs that he hsa had, he 'never' got spam.

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