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This and that...and two wheelers

Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday last, Lucas learned how to ride his two wheeler. He is beyond proud and will literally spend hours ridding around and around and around the block. He is a give it all or go home. So when he falls off... there is blood.

Sam couldn't be out done and learned this past Saturday. The dainty girlie girl gives a few peddles, gently puts a foot down to steady and then repeats over and over. Funny how different the two are!

Jacob fell off a swing and introduced his face to the gravel bellow... he was quite offended and cried for pity from all around.

Pernell is wonderful! He makes me laugh, holds me tight and lets me be sad for no reason. I love that fellow!

I am trying to figure myself out. Not an easy task these days. Up seems to be to the left, down is behind, sideways is horizontal... in saying this means tears for no reason, laughter to make myself look normal and staring into space because I can. Tomorrow will be better


  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    My oldest two girls were so overjoyed when they finally took off on two wheels too. It is great watching them do things on their own.

    Sending (((BIG HUGS))) to help you through your dizzing times.

  1. Blogger Alison said:

    Yee Haw!!!!

  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    Staring into space is actually good therapy. Yes, I am speaking from regular experience...

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