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Dear Krista, Susan and Carolynn...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

On Sat when getting dressed after my shower, Jacob barged through the bedroom door. I had my underwear, bra and shirt on already. He said a big hello and then left the room. After only about two and a half seconds he returned.

"Mom you don't have a penis."
I looked down thinking maybe I didn't have underwear on... I did though.
"No I don't. Girls don't have Penis', just boys do. Sam and mommy have a vagina and you, Luke and daddy have a penis."
Jake mulls this over for a bit, leaves the room and then again quickly returns.
"Mom, Maddy has a ga-gina!"
"Zoe and Paige have a ga-gina too!"
"Ok, I'll tell them."

Off Jake went. I haven't heard any more about this, however he may announce to your girls his knowledge. I think I have a hot flash!

  1. Blogger Carolynn said:

    I needed that laugh... Can't wait to see if he does tell Paige. What will she do? What will she say? Will she even know what he's talking about.

    Hope I'm there at that moment!!!!

  1. Anonymous krista said:


    Unfortunately Madi would be THRILLED to have someone to talk about her "gina" with!

    Had to talk to her about when it's appropriate to use it when she started incorporating it into songs we sing at the library. Didn't know that the teacher (and parents!) would appreciate it!

  1. Blogger Jaci said:

    So funny. Your kids are all so much fun. Makes us want to have our own sooner....decute your kids!

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