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Friday, April 28, 2006

Monday I had a really bad day. One of those I miss the baby, too many things that reminded me of what was going to be. Then I got home after a birthday party with the kids and there was a letter telling me (the short of the long story), my birth mother isn't going to respond to my letter. This has been a 6 year process from registration to the now... that bummed me out.

The next day the sun shone brighter and I realized that I have friends who love me and pray for me. Sometimes I just need that reminder. Thank you Leslie and Lori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't even imagine what perfect timing you had!!!!!

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I took Sam with me and she chatted the WHOLE time. We had a blast... until the parking lot.

I had all the groceries in the car. Sam got in her seat to buckle up. It was our van, to the right an empty spot, then a red van parked and then the cart corral. While Sam buckled (passengers side of the van, back seat) I put the cart away. On the way back to the van I went to push the sliding door shut with my right hand. I didn't realize it, but at the same time Sam pulled the door from the inside. Yes all your bellies should be flipping... my thumb got caught in the door. I mean the door was completely shut and my thumb was in it. Because I was facing the van and it was my right thumb I couldn't reach the handle to open the door and Sam was desperately trying to open the door from the inside. A nice man came to get in the above named red van... looked over as I was moaning (loudly... surprisingly no swear words came forth). He threw his groceries in the air and ran to my rescue.

As I drove home I had to roll the window down... I really thought I was going to faint. Within half an hour besides the ground beef looking cut, there was very little pain. Oh me oh my!!!!!

  1. Anonymous Linda said:

    OUCH!!! Never done that myself but Martin has (or maybe it was Kristen?!?!)...ouch!!!

  1. Blogger Alison said:

    Yikes...so is it broken?

  1. Blogger Lou Renaud said:

    aaaaarrrrrggggg ! just imagining that is painful ! Inform the family that you need two weeks off from doing dishes and laundry !
    Feel Better,

  1. Blogger Leslie said:

    Poor you...for all of it! Sometimes life just sucks. And yes, you do have friends that love and care and pray...

  1. Anonymous Susan said:

    I know that so much reminds you of your baby (I can see it on your face as you look at my baby, and other peoples' bellies). Wish there weren't so many constant reminders. Still pray for you as you grieve.

  1. Blogger Rachel Pede said:

    The same thing happened to me, only the places were reveresed... my mom closed the door on my finger! I have the scar to prove it. I'll be thinking about you today and wishing I could make it better.

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    Ow, Ow, and more Ow!

    It is a good thing we can wake up tomorrow and start a new day isn't it?

    Love ya girl! Keep your chin up and know that this too shall pass. (Even your throbbing thumb!)

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    Sounds painful. Miss you. How on earth did you not swear? I swore just reading this!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    I am soooo sorry to hear about your birth mother. I know how much you were wanting that and how much time/heart you spent on your letter.

    Just thought I would let you know I was thinking of you


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