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Saturday, March 18, 2006

What kind of family are you?

When something big happens in our family (big-exciting, big-sad/heartbreak, big-scary, big-...) we stick together. Pernell and I both have the same reaction. We want to do everything and anything together. We call each other more frequently, we do errands together, we spend way more time together, we physically/emotionally/spiritually... get closer.

I was planning on staying home this weekend, relaxing, tackling the last few (million) jobs on the house, yet the thought of not seeing Pernell for two days nearly killed both of us.

I have friends that when 'big' things happen, it is almost like they forget who each other are. They have their own separate bubbles of life they go around in. I couldn't do it.

What kind of family are you?

  1. Blogger Family Of Five said:

    We are totally like you!!! When big things happen around here we totally stick together more... we really stick together alot already but we are especially close when big things are happening. We like to be together as much as we can! I await the moment that he will be done work each day and come home to us. If only we could win the lottery! I'm glad you have so much love and support around you!

  1. Blogger Jodi said:

    We are definitely a stick-together kind of family. We are like that normally though. That is why people look at us so oddly when we go to Walmart with 5 kids in tow.

    I wouldn't haven't any other way.

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