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Quick update on little Jake

Friday, February 03, 2006

We had a tough day yesterday. Jake pretty well didn't move out of bed unless I carried him to the toilet and at one point insisted he take a bath... which did make him feel better... for about five minutes. Today he seems to be a bit sparkier, however he does all of a sudden stop and rest. The pain is under much better control today. Jake did however (as he calls it) puke-ed in daddies office and then as daddy ran him to the toilet just missed the second time... too bad I was taking the kids to school and wasn't there to help ;(

So we forge on. His little voice sounds very gruff and gurgalie.

Thanks for the prayers and love sent this way! Thank you Laura and Churches for the sticker fun! We are having a blast with it:)

  1. Blogger Perron said:

    Give Jake our love.

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