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For Lori

Friday, February 24, 2006

I am aware that every time this happens I have the same reaction. However I still do it and do not think ahead to the consequences...

Supper last night: One head of cauliflower with cheese sauce. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

Today: Gas like I have never known... (Krista you don't need to comment).

  1. Anonymous Dave said:

    Last night: Curried Chicken Roti

    Today: Same boat as you

  1. Blogger Rich said:

    You go girl! As my gramma used to say (God rest her soul) "Where ere ye be, let yer wind gae free". She was shorter than Jaci and right off the boat Scottish, use your imagination.

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    Oh honey I laughed so hard. Thanks for that. I have that trouble no matter what I eat. Ha ha ha. Let 'em out though otherwise they hurt!

  1. Anonymous krista said:

    But can I comment?

    I am so well acquainted with your gas and how it rattles the windows! You have a gift.

  1. Blogger Pernell said:

    A gift... you mean a curse.

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