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Sinuses were full so there was little space for brain!

Friday, January 20, 2006

On Thursday I had one of the worst sinus infections ever. I finally felt like I might make it around 3:07pm. Well because of that it wasn't until 3:27pm that I realized I totally forgot the boys swimming lessons in the afternoon... I felt horrible and promised to take them tonight. I did. Sam, Luke, Jake and I went to the family swim. We had a blast. Jake figured out if he was on the most tippy of all tippy toes he could touch in the shallow end of the big pool. He was very pleased to say the least.

The sad news is that I dropped my husband off at Mac emerge on the way to swimming. His back has gone bonkers again. This afternoon when Rachel was over for lunch, he suddenly looked grey and said his back hurt. Like usual he pretended nothing was going on. By 5:30pm he couldn't feel his legs, or as he put it, "If you stabbed a knife in my legs right now I wouldn't feel a thing. It would leave a mark mind you." By the time I dropped him off at the emerge... which by the way HE asked to go to... he could barely walk.

I still haven't heard anything... worried...

  1. Blogger Lori said:

    Please, keep us posted. Missing you guys. Praying everything is okay.

  1. Blogger abbylou said:

    Hi Margie, keeping you and Pernell both, in prayer. Blessings...

  1. Blogger Alison said:

    Can you take some good drugs while with child?

    We hit the wave pool yesturday. The kids are sure we need to go again.

  1. Anonymous krista said:


  1. Anonymous jen k said:

    worried too...praying for you guys.

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