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Odd happenings at the hospital

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Next week Jake gets his tonsils out, so today we went for our pre-op stuff. All went well with us. As we were leaving two SWAT (I mean guns in hands and bullet proof stuff on and all. Very much game on faces too, a smile would have cracked them in half.) and a police officer were walking down the main hall. As I went to put Jakes coat on, three more SWAT and a police officer pushing a wheelchair with a nice looking young fella in an orange jump suit. He must have been royalty with that much attention :)

So what it comes down to is do I feel very safe... or why does one man need so many guns around him??????

  1. Anonymous Dave said:

    I THOUGHT that was you in the hallway!

    Don't worry, it was just a paper cut. The posse kinda over-reacted though. They're always baby'ing me.

    You liked the new duds though eh?

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