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Looking ahead, yet appreciating what is behind

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I find it interesting to look back on how life brings one to where one is today. I don't tend to dwell on what has happened or live in the past, however the makeup of what was in life is often interesting to look at to see who one is today.

What better time to do this then at the dawning of a new year. For this year ahead I anticipate times of laughter, tears, sadness, joy and love. I can't wait for the unknown and unexpected to trip me up and make me a stronger person. I yearn for the joyful sound of laughter to tell me life is ok and for the sadness of tears to tell me life is so unpredictable. I think of the minutes that make the day as I watch my children learn new things. I learn from the mistakes of me, you and us together as I forge on through the unknown. I am excited to know I have God to lead me, hold my hand, carry me, kick me in the ass, laugh, cry and just be quiet with me.

I am thankful I have this year ahead and I am thankful for the years behind. More then anything I am thankful for Love... Through God, Pernell, my children, family, friends, home, work, school...

To the year ahead

  1. Anonymous krista said:

    cheers to the year ahead!

  1. Blogger Shelley said:

    Very well-put. I am also looking forward to the unknown of 2006, and how it will make me grow and appreciate everyone in my life more. Happy New Year!

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